We support leading companies with a radically different approach to getting the best out of their people whilst improving their wellbeing.

Connecting you to a new future

what we do

We provide solutions to optimise peoples skills and capabilities through a shift in perspective and state of mind.

Through transforming peoples mindset, attitude and behaviour we increase overall wellbeing.

Helping your highly skilled and experienced people to fully utilise their competencies and fulfil their potential.

We do this through Seminars, Coaching, Training and Consulting.

All our services are bespoke to provide the most impact in line with each companies values, mission and culture.

Working with us


We arrange a mutually convenient time for an in-depth conversation.


We have a conversation to gain a clear understanding of your company, your people, your challenges and your aspirations.


We establish how Auxilium can support your company and your people and create a bespoke program.


The bespoke program is delivered through a combination of seminars, coaching, training and consulting.

The Shift

Through the delivery we create a shift in peoples mindset that creates the desired change in attitudes and behaviours.


We periodically gather information on outcomes and review these with you.

“Taking ownership is the highest form of focus: It is a willingness to bring everything you’ve got to the situation. To live in the now.”

– Steve Chandler

Helping people thrive and organisations flourish


We create a shift in peoples state of mind that leads to a change in attitudes and behaviours which optimises performance and innovation, increases resilience and wellbeing and improves margins and profit.

• 90% increase in remaining calm under pressure

• 63% increase in feelings of respect and good will

• 91% reported being significantly more in control of their behaviours, thoughts and feelings

Significant increase in personal:

Wellbeing • Resilience • Clarity of mind • Leadership Ability • Creative Thinking • Rapport Building • Productivity

Resulting in significant improvements for company’s: 

Profits • Turnover • Innovation and Solutions • Reduction in absenteeism and employee burn-out


We take our clients anonymity and confidentiality very seriously so their personal details have been kept private, but here are some comments from some of our clients.

Kerstin’s positive methods and what seemed so challenging but simple words from her, made me continuously attempt to change the way I handled things, which lead to a lasting shift in my work and life.



One-on-One Sessions with Kerstin have really helped me in my day to day life. I feel like it has helped me take a step back and re-gain control of the every day madness. I am also better able to understand and manage my (sometimes unreasonably high) self- expectations, making me happier and more relaxed overall. Would definitely recommend.



Kerstin gently, but expertly, leads you to the discoveries that give you the tools to deal better with the stresses of life that we all have, find more peace and contentment and even happiness. It was reassuring to learn for yourself that you are always safe and your well- being is always in tact, when you take away all the things that get on top of you.



The difference in my mental state was quite astonishing. I was not going to let the guilt or anxiety beat me, and I began to speak up and have my voice heard whenever possible as opposed to keeping it all inside. I began to let go, and let life take over. I no longer felt like a ticking time bomb, and those closest to me noticed how much happier and calmer I am. I wholeheartedly recommend that you contact Kirsten for an unbiased, non judgemental view on life – her advice will change the way you see it all.


Insurance Broker

With almost 20 years experience in my industry, at all varying levels from admin assistant to CEO, I thought that I had things figured out in terms of dealing with pressure and anxieties that often come to the fray – Auxilium opened my mind to a improved understanding of reality vs perceived reality where things now are achieved with greater ease and clarity, and a lot less stress and anxiety, thank you Kerstin.



As a coach, Kerstin is very cool, calm and collected and this is what I love about her. She transmits a lot of peace and this has made me see or accept things in a different way. She is also a great listener, one of the best I have come across.


Service Executive & Team Leader

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Kerstin Andlaw, founder of Auxilium has over 20 years of experience working with people and businesses.

Kerstin brings her many years of training and experience to the core of Auxilium’s service proposition.

“I enjoy new opportunities and challenges and thrive to fully embrace whatever each moment brings.”

“I gain inspiration from supporting others to make a difference… one person at a time to drive positive change from within, to challenge and push the boundaries of the way we live (and work).”


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